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Management of Organisations

1.) Therefore, organisational performance should be measured.
Assessing an organisation's performance also helps to determine whether or not the company has a clear mission (one that addresses the needs of a particular marketplace) and whether or not people on all levels of the organisation understand the mission. Assessing the performance also allows the organisation to review the mission statement and to determine if the mission is referenced when developing organizational strategies.
Assessing an organisation's performance will help to determine the procedure and processes that are set in place and whether or not these are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Examining the current ethics compliance programs (if there is one) and the processes which are set in place to assess compliance with accounting and financial management system helps to determine if the system that human resource uses is effective. Examining how the organisation measures employee satisfaction and how it handles employee satisfaction and how the processes of
accreditation and certification operate along with their effectiveness can be determined by the assessment of an organisation. These methods are just some way that a manager can assess internal environment of an organisation.
organisation is service oriented and its focus is on the c ...
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Many forces require that managers assess organisational performance. One factor is that there is an increasing demand of accountability. Entities such as the government, the media, and the public require organizations to show accountability. The need to focus on results and to strengthen work performance has increased in recent years…
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