Government's Policies and Economic Development

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In the past two decades economies of the world have taken different approaches to improve the standard of living. Government plays a major role in developing an economy. Polices made by government have a great impact on the economic structure of the country.


Problems faced by developing & transition economies, in which more markets are lacking, the markets that do exist may function less effectively, and information problems are more severe than in industrial countries simply because of the rapid change in the economic environment. While markets failures loom larger over this developing and transition economies, the capacity of the government to correct these market failures is often weaker. So the question arises is what should have been the role of the government in the past two decades. Assessing the appropriate role of the government requires the recognition of both the need for and the limitation of the government action.
Successful governments have helped create markets such as bond and stock markets and long- term credit institution. They have established and enforced laws and regulations that have financial markets more stable and increased competition in all sectors. In many cases government has acted as a surrogate entrepreneur, encouraging the firms to enter the certain markets. Especially in export markets governments have provided firms with strong incentives. ...
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