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Systems Thinking

The task undertaken by every employee in different tiers could vary in nature and hence the activity transfer across two levels need not be identical. Or the rate component in the system is varying. The auxiliaries refer to the actual or nature of work undertaken by the employees that decides on the influence of the rates with the levels.
The system refers to the organized collection of activities or smaller systems referred to as subsystems integrated to produce a larger goal. The inputs that go into a system might be different and these inputs are subjected to certain processes, which leads to outputs and hence contributes to the overall goal of the system. Hence, if an organization is considered for example, the system of organization includes various sub-systems of minor organizational functions like accounting, administration, production, marketing, sales etc. Thus, if any one part of the system is disturbed it would be reflected in the overall performance of the system and it is referred that a system is systemic. The income and wealth can be related to a single system loop. From an organizational perspective the wealth rises when revenue from sales increases. The increase in sales occurs when the organization achieves higher production rate coupled with identification of newer markets, innovative product designs and finally better sales performance. ...
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Any system model contains three variables - levels : auxiliaries and rates Levels are those amount of stocks held while the rates refers to the pattern in change of the stocks. Auxiliaries are the equations that relate the computations connecting the rates with the levels…
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