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Palmtop Mobile Phones

It is the world most globalizes country whose capital is London which is the third major financial center of the world. The most recent official figures shows that the GDP growth rate of United Kingdom is 3.1% where as GDP grew in 2006 was 23/4% and more than 3% in 2007. According to 2006 rating, the GDP is $ 2.1 trillion where as commercial service imports increases to $ 600 billion. The population of UK according to 2006 was 60,587,000 and out of this 50,763,000 is living in England.
Initially 12 countries were choose by the firm, through screening process out of these 12 countries two countries were left and chosen by us as our product international market. The twelve countries selected by the firm are:
International marketing of the product starts by assessing the international market and evaluation of the economic information that directly affect on the firm product [Alan M. Rugman and Richard M. Hodgetts (March 2000)]. Screening process for the product involves series of analysis; therefore, we have divided our screening process into many steps using economic indicators to represent that which two countries will suit best for the product.
The initial screening process of the firm requires knowing the basic need and potential of population in international market [Anant K. Sundaram, J. Stewart Black, (1995)]. ...
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PDA or Personal Digital Assistant is the palmtop which become more versatile with time, is used as mobile and as small computer. Importance of PDA increases with the improvement in the quality pf PDA which now can access the internet, used as word processing and has Global Positioning System…
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