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Corporate Social Responsibility of Appleby

Qualitative research is very efficient and very focused in the objective of obtaining culturally specific information about the values, opinions, behaviors, and social contexts of particular populations. The main advantage of qualitative research is its ability to provide complex textual descriptions of how people experience a given research issue. It provides information about the "human"side of an issue encompassing potential wide gamut of coverage- beliefs, perspectives, opinions, reflections, and social capital.
Qualitative methods are also important in pinpointing and analyzing intangible factors, such as practices, traditions, social status, social capital, social norms, socioeconomic status, gender roles, ethnicity, and religion, whose role in the research process is crucial and essential. Qualitative methods are also flexible. The research makes room for enhanced spontaneity and adaptation of the interaction between the researcher and the study participant. For example, most of the questions asked are "open-ended"questions that are not asked in the same manner with each participant. With open-ended questions, the participants get to respond in their own way and in their own words. ...
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The Project objectives of this research are the following: a.) expound on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Appleby; b.) determine the appropriate financial budget needed to carry out an intensive and succesful CSR; and c.) evaluate how to improve the current operations of CSR.
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