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Case Study example - Accounting a New Arrival

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Case Study
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All the advertising and promotions for goods and services require comprehensive feedback system so that appropriate measures could be introduced to improve and improvise the performance outcome of the same…

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The internet has made it easy for the customers to become aware of the product details including its availability at competitive prices which has precipitated the need to develop a whole new perspective for a new marketing technique. Today the markets have been designed to cater to the system as a whole rather than exclusively to the customer. The more innovative the product and fancier the promotional techniques, the higher are its chances of capturing market space. Thereby, asserting that brands, advertising, and promotional techniques are very important tools of marketing and the company must use all the available sources for maximum impact. The advertising agencies play major roles in promoting products and services of a company. In the launch of bmibaby, the BDDH, the advertising agency had significantly contributed towards creation of a brand image that was distinct and which had helped to exploit the personal preferences of the people to influence their behavior as a consumer of goods and services that they wish to sell. According to Campbell, ‘..companies are building strong brands using a corporate vision and “a way of doing business” approach. Customers identify with their attitude and promise to deliver..’ (Campbell, 1999). ...
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