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Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Enterprise) is based within the UK and is one of the largest. The annual turnover of the business is around 200m euro per year and profitability is 5 % of the turnover this year. It employs 200 employees in the Head Office and there are a number of personnel (5) at each of the 20 local showrooms.


Information was gathered on several main areas by searching the given case study, academic libraries, websites and reports.
Best Management Practices that include the proper handling, storage and disposal of oil should be adopted instead of dumping the oil into near by river . Purchase recycled products such as oil and grease. By doing so, you help ensure a use for recyclable materials. Wash greasy equipment such as vents and vehicles in designated wash areas with an appropriate oil/water separator before storing outside. Ensure that designated wash areas are properly connected to the sewer system.
To solve issues autocratic management and issues in communication between the strategic management and the works manager and works staff caused due to the resignation of works director which in turn led to many disputes:
Democratic style: In contrast to the autocratic style, the organization should use democratic decision-taking in many parts of the business. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas to the decision. There are two types of democratic decision-making:
To solve disputes arising out of lack of involvement and communication with the work force and issues arising out of scientific management approach which leads to very little communication with work force exists:
Open door policy should be adopted in certain areas t ...
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