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Case Study example - Campari Analysis

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Case Study
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A thorough perusal of the financial statements at hand have led me to conclude that based upon the CAMAPRI analysis alone it would not be feasible to lend money to the business owners hoping to acquire a loan. The CAMPARI analysis is short for the Character-Ability-Means-Purpose-Amount-Repayment-Interest & Insurance test).Based on the above the CAMPARI analysis would entail the critical perusal of whether these financial statements have actually revealed properly and convincingly the integrity and past performance of J & D, the profitability,cashflow,capital requirements along with the skills of the business owners,quarterly and monthly business information,the premise on which the money is b…

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eing borrowed,whether the amount being asked for is realistic and whether it can be paid back in due time.Furthermore the CAMPARI analysis also requires a consideration of the risks and insurance and interest problems involved on the part of J &d D. This is where it can be seen that it might be potentially risky to lend to this business as the business plan has some obvious loopholes in the plan which may be deliberately omitted or otherwise. ...
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