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Recruitment Process

They are also needed for issuing Job advertisements. It will help the prospective candidate if she/he is provided with these documents, so that she/he can self analyze her/his suitability for the post concerned at the time of application.
Competency Frameworks provide a map or indication of the behaviours that will be needed by an organization from its employees. A candidate will be evaluated while recruitment on the basis of the competency framework of the organization.
In this paper we will try to understand the term 'person specifications and competency framework', how it works in the context of recruitment and the relative strengths and weakness of person specification and competency framework in the recruitment process.
Person Specification is a document that clearly outlines a framework of the skills a person need to possess in order to do the tasks specified on the job description. A job description describes the nature of the job, whereas a Person Specification describes the qualities of the person needed to do that particular job. The criteria that will be used in selecting candidates are listed in the Person Specification. The Person Specification should provide:
It is very much essential that utmost care is taken while preparing a person specification. ...
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(Executive Summary: Person Specification and Competency Framework plays an important role in recruitment process in an organisation. This paper defines Person Specification, Competency, the design and development criteria and the comparative Strengths and Weakness)
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