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Fair Trade - Essay Example

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'Fair Trade' products are just priced products mainly agricultural based such as bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, flowers, fresh fruit, rice, herbs and spices, sugar, tea and wine. This is well organized and trusted product range popular in most of American and European markets…

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Fair Trade

South Africa and Mexico are other growing markets for this label Fair Trade brand belong to FLO Germany. They licence other outlets to sale this brand and provide all sorts of support. The brand has entered the growth phase from its low neigh position in 2000. The brand is well recognised for its value and has been darling to the global consumers. There are over 6000 Fair Trade certified products from 60 countries available to buyers at present. About 1.4 million people are engaged in producing goods and commodities for fair trade.
Many global companies are introducing 'Fair Trade' in their network and included it in their procurement list. The retailing giant Tesco in UK has introduced Fair Trade successfully in its outlets. Starbucks, Ben and Jerry's, Candico Sugar and Cadbury's chocolate including Fair Trade certified ingredients into their mainstream products. These big brands don't take Fair Trade as competing product but accept it readily in their shelves.
The brand Fair Trade is so strongly embedded in the minds of consumers that they prefer buying this brand on the price this is sold as they perceive it as Fair and value lade, Other brands are match their prices to that of the prices offered by Fair Trade. ...
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