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Assignment example - Strategic Systems Management

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Automotive industry experiences serious changes on the eve of new technological revolution. While traditional markets are saturated new market opportunities open in Asia and a number of developing countries. This essay analyses the strategy of one of the most well-known brands, Mercedes-Benz, in the context of the rise of interest to Asian market…

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Mercedes Benz has a very long history of cars manufacturing, being a part of Daimler-Benz company and later belonging to Daimler-Chrysler. Perhaps, Mercedes-Benz is the most well-known automotive brand worldwide. Its rich history and known top-level quality have earned a reputation of luxury cars manufacturer for the company. Mercedes Benz automobiles being prized for prestige and quality often become the choice of the rich and famous. Throughout the history, the goal of Mercedes Benz was providing its customers with more than just cars. Owning a Mercedes Benz was a symbol of belonging to community valuing quality above all.
The focus of Mercedes-Benz vehicles is set on high quality and state of the art engineering. Of course it makes them expensive; thus they are made in lower volumes compared to cheaper cars. The company has carefully cultivated an image of superior engineering, quality, and service. Mercedes-Benz is clear leader in the luxury and upper range segment of the market. Recent efforts of the company to move towards lower segments were rather successful: its Smart brand has become a market leader in microcar segment in several European countries.
Hence the famous luxury cars manufacturer now tries to make its products popular among low-priced cars to achieve global dominance. ...
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