Branding of a City in the 21st Century

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As phenomenon elements such as globalisation has emerged in the 21st century cities around the world were pressured for promoting a city as brand. This was recognized by many governments to invest cities into a market to attract global visitors. In order to approach the branding strategies of a city, the paper focuses on investigating the elements that go into branding a city and to understand the importance of branding a city in the 21st century.


The results of analysing the case studies have provided great examples of revealing the elements that interprets in consumer's mind from different perspectives. Such that, branding is measured in aspects of tangible and intangible forces as far as the image of the city is concerned. Most importantly, the paper has examined that brand value of a city can only be studied through identifying the psychological way that influences the decision making process, and the overall elements required for branding a city such as the emerging importance of societies.
Moreover, the investigation of branding elements are recommended by the author for further study in order to thoroughly analyse how these elements are incorporated in cities nowadays. Also, examination on competition between cities may provide a vital role of continuing the study in the future.
Marketing is an arena where the basic norm is to promote visibility. Visibility, in turn, depends on positioning which again depends on branding and the equity commanded by the same. ...
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