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Setting objectives is the core activity that every business needs to do before starting any of their business operations. An objective is a specific stride, a landmark, which enables you to accomplish a purpose. Setting objectives involves a nonstop process of research and decision-making.


They fail to specify priorities and focus. (Daniel Petersen, 1995) Such objectives don't map the trip ahead - the finding of better worth and solutions for the client. The objectives must be:
Objectives set out what the business is trying to attain. Objectives can be set at two levels. These levels are Corporate and Functional level. At Corporate level the objectives concern the business or organization as a whole. Examples of corporate objectives might include:
There are several ways in which the objectives set by an organization can be communicated across effectively. The importance of communicating objectives is equal to the importance of setting them. As it's useless to set objectives if they are not properly communicated to the workers. The objectives of an organization shape its future deals and planning. The objectives of a company also help them in attracting potential customers. It is a vital task to communicate the objectives of the organization and these are the following ways that can be adopted to do so.
By distributing booklets it is meant that a written form of organization objectives is available to all the workers. The reason behind it to make sure that every employee is clearly aware of all the objectives, but there is a draw back as how many people are reading the booklet cannot be checked.
By putting up the objectives on the notice board makes sure that ever ...
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