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Industrial Law

How can a nation with thousands of years of history out of which just a short while ago she ruled the waves draw lessons conclusively from a nation born out of Britain's own bosom only few centuries ago notwithstanding the bloody conception
Nonetheless, Britain has good reason to approach and compare her performances with her staunchest ally. Just as in the case of every other issue, on a subject like trade unionism there is nothing so fulfilling as a comparison with the best, even if the lessons learnt turn out to be infeasible. (James J. Brudney)
There is a strong universal feeling hitherto unexpressed, especially among business circles that the world could do without trade unions. It is felt that trade unionism, like the socialist form of governance, has been a failure. Britain's tryst with collective bargaining has been particularly phlegmatic and uneventful. It is difficult to prove with any amount of conviction that something good has come out of trade unions. ...
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The concept of collective bargaining is a ticklish issue the world over in democratic nations. It is not unique to Britain alone. However, Britain can claim the credit for doing more than anyone else to bridge the communication gap between management and trade unions although she has not fully achieved the desired objective of instilling goodwill and trust on either side so that they operate pragmatically as equals…
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