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Case Study example - Hong Kong Land Holdings Limited

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Case Study
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Loss of Tenants: The Central district of Hong Kong has the highest HK$ per square meter per month than any other district (Exhibit 7A). Most of HKL's commercial assets are located in this attractive region. But the buildings are old. Most of the estates were completed between 1970 and 1985…

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Even though HKL gave the least bid, HKL lost MPFA to Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited because the tenant had certain technological and modern standards which Landmark did not fulfill. As a result HKL lost HK$ 900,201 per month from rental income.
Threat of takeovers: Competitors believed that HKL was not fully utilizing its commercial properties. Subsequently so as to unlock the shareholder value the leading tycoons of Hong Kong tried to take over HKL. HKL sold some of its valuable holdings in order to fight of the take over. Even so two competitors, Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited and Hutchison Whampoa Limited, managed to secure a 4.7% interest in HKL.
Location: Of the 11 estates it owns in Hong Kong, 8 of them are located in Central District (Exhibit 3). In addition the 11 Charter Road Development property is expected to be completed in 2002 which will further increase the market dominance in Central District (Exhibit 4). It is said that Central is the 'Financial Heart' of Hong Kong. So HKL's portfolio of Commercial Assets is concentrated in a promising market.
Convenience: The buildings in HKL's holdings have ease of access to every from of public transportation-the railway, airport and subway. In addition the buildings are all linked by a Central Pedestrian Bridge System which eases the movement of those who work or shop in the buildings regardless of the weather. ...
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