International Marketing Management

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I have chosen Pakistan, a country in Asia, as my target marketplace. The total population of Pakistan is 166 million, out of which youngsters are 55 million. Initially for the launch of my product, I shall direct myself towards the capital city which is Islamabad and other main cities that are Karachi and Lahore (Pakistan People, 2006).


The product we are going to launch in Pakistan would not be a standard product for the rest of the countries, because it has to be in accordance with the preferences of Pakistanis. Like for example Pizza Hut is operating globally but the pizza you are going to eat in Pakistan compared with pizzas available in other countries' Pizza Hut would be much different as people in Pakistan like spicy food, even the names they have given to the types of pizzas available here are mostly in Urdu language which is the national language of Pakistan. I think that this kind of strategies would be an added advantage for the company.
Our ice cream dessert would be available in a packed rectangular box, containing two packets. One will contain the powder form of ice cream dessert which needs to be dissolved in milk, according to the given directions on the box. Another packet will contain the fruit topping, to be served with the dessert. In the preparation of the dessert the temperature of the country needs to be considered. Secondly, the ingredients should be halal i.e. acceptable by the Muslim state. The name we have given to our dessert is 'Summer Delight' because almost for the eight to nine months the weather remains hot in Pakistan. The logo is 'cannot avoid the bite'.
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