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The Business Plan

Dark Horse Imports Inc. is dedicated to providing the Australian public with the best tasting, premium beer the world has to offer and also aims to control and distribute all SHAG related products for Australia.
Dark Horse Inc. is a local management company in Australia which depends directly on The Spirit, Hop and Grape Company (Asia) Ltd. Dark Horse will import Shag lager from Malaysia and will take responsibilities of all the logistic process, from Malaysia to the final consumer, and also all the marketing and promotion activities. The management team for Shag is highly motivated and well qualified for the job. It will consist of Joseph P. Keenan II (CEO), Jacint Fit (CFO) and Benjamin Jeffery (Marketing and Sales).
The first product that we will be launching will be SHAG, a premium lager "microbrew" type beer due to the lack of any real competition in this marketplace. The second product will be Blue SHAG Vodka plus, a delightful Vodka drink based with taurine, guarana and caffeine. The third product is a "fab" drink. Following the trend of "fab" drinks, SHAG will launch its own exciting range of fruit-flavoured fermented alcohol drinks.
SHAG Beer: Brewed traditionally in Holland, with long lagering and fermentation proces ...
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The content of this report is confidential and is the sole property of The Spirit Hop and Grape Company Asia Sdn Bhd. Its use is strictly limited to those readers authorized by the Company. Any reproduction or divulgence of the content of this report without the written consent of the Company is prohibited.
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