Knowledge Management Book Report/Review

Book Report/Review
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This paper is basically a review of the above mentioned work. The review will be carried out according to the individual sections within the paper so as to follow a structured approach for better understanding.
This section has been well defined and outlined within the work.


The modern day organisation operates essentially in the public sphere. This implies that its level of competitive advantage is connected with its knowledge management process and the competence level demonstrated by this process. In this context, knowledge management may be defined as the process of transmitting information regarding various quarters within the organisation's operational sphere to the relevant parties within and outside it. This is an important process owing to the fact that the public today wants to know details about the organisation in order to show any level of interest in it. This assumption also caters to the employees and recruits who want full information regarding the work culture as well as the broad policies within the organisation.
With a focus on the research setting as well as the company culture, the methodology is a well laid out plan. One can see that there is a lot of scope to garner and study primary as well as secondary data in this regard. Therefore, it is also imperative to lay down a well thought out research design before embarking on the actual data collection and analysis. In this case, the research design should be based on ontology. The qualitative nature of this research has promoted the researcher to choose between the fields of ontology and epistemology for the research design.
In this case, the field of ontology has been chosen for a variety of reasons. ...
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