Tourism Policy and Strategy Essay

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We are here talking about the sustainable tourism that most of the countries have adopted today. In tourism the main assets are the cultural peculiarities and environmental glories. Hence, it is necessary to protect them from the onslaught of tourism or vandalism without being fanatic about them.


Infrastructure should not be provided at the cost of disturbing the cultural and environmental phenomena of the region. It is a challenge for the government to take steps to build the infrastructure, take adequate care of the tourist attractions, and create sufficient, round-the-clock tourist facilities and all the imaginable necessities without hurting the attractions or the environment much. All these should be done by keeping the environmental impact in check on not just the eco balance of the region, but also the possible impact on old historical buildings, precariously balanced ancient monuments and other equally endangered manuscripts, books, records, paintings, murals, scriptures, caves etc. This needs highly strategic management and professional approach from every angle.
Ritichie and Crouch's model belongs to the global (macro) environment, because global forces are shaping the world of tourism. "the totality of global forces affecting destination competitiveness/sustainability is captured within what we term as'onionskin taxonomy'. By this we mean that the global forces may be viewed as consisting of different layers surrounding the destination (represented by the globe in centre)" Richtie and Crouch (2003, p. 80). According to them, the environmental forces internal and external, rule the tourism of the region. ...
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