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Internal project management

This research seeks to explore and look into ways of shaping an effective method of managing projects inside IB - Wirth so that it can perform better and produce optimal results; and if necessary, to fill in gaps which exist and offer suggestions for improvement.
The underlying motivation for choosing this topic is the fact that project management is a domain that has been gaining more and more importance today. Such value has been triggered by shifting economic conditions like globalization, the escalating competitive spirit among business enterprises, technological advances and growing customer demands and requirements - all these have led to businesses carrying out projects to attain maximum value in their products and yield better production results. ...
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Project management has surfaced as a forceful discipline carried out by well trained, professionals as business firms have come to realize that they cannot be a viable enterprise if they cannot manage their projects. As departments and divisions vie for inadequate financial and human resources, strategic project management provides the coherent and balanced decision framework required to make the wise and accurate project investment decisions which allow organizations to compete and succeed in a global economy.
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