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business in europe

It is home to some of the world known scholars who have made great contribution to the modern world of education.
Greek is a member of the European Unions after joining in 1981. It also a member of the Economic and monitory union of the Europe union which it joined in 200. It is also a member for NATO which it joined in 1952 and OECD since 1961.
Greek is credited to be the home of civilization in Europe. This happened in the Aegean Sea which has been shown as the home to the first civilization in Europe. The Minoa civilization in the Crete and Mycenae civilization happened later in the mainland of Greece which emerges with Greek cities of Peninsula and spread to other parts of Europe.
At the same time Greece has been able to develop a world class economy. Ti has one of the growing economies in Europe which it has been able to sustain since 1950s. There has been a major shift in the economic constant of Greek for all that time. It has shifted from agrarian economy to a technology driven economy recently. The country has developed a capitalist economy with a GDP of more the $305.595 billion as per the 2006 data. ...
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Greece is a European country which is also referred to be the Hellenic Republics. It is located in the Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula bordering Alabina, Macedonia, Blagares and Turkey. The Aegean Sea is found on the east of the Greece and Ionia Sell lies in the West…
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