Contemporary Marketing Issues and Strategic Marketing - Essay Example

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Contemporary Marketing Issues and Strategic Marketing

(Tapscott; Ticoll, 2003)
However while commendable and also desirable, the quest for transparency has its pitfalls also. Within a competitive framework where asymmetry in information comes as an advantage, opening up everything can bring at par the corporate battlefield. Although transparency in financial revelation is not only wanted, it is compulsory, but transparency in marketing strategy can be devastating. Besides, in the ultimate analysis, although a company might bring about transparency, success cannot always be assured. There are chances that plans laid up in the best possible manner can still go haywire. (Tapscott; Ticoll, 2003)
In the 21st century we are witnessing the development of strategic alliances and networks in which businesses work in unison towards shared goals and maintain partnership in their operations. Managing of such relationships in the most efficient manner is nearly the solution to success or failure. The preceding is at the core of marketing strategy that has to include the following factors (i) the opening and shutting of strategic windows (ii) the effect of market propellers. (iii) The type of competition within the market place. (iv) The stage of the market or the industry life cycle. ...
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Corporate Transparency is ready availability of information to the stakeholders regarding maters that impact their benefit. Transparency has five drivers and the most important is globalization. This renders false disclosures a death knell for corporations, and responsibility, web, linkages among the stakeholders, which probe and attempt to alter the behavior of corporations…
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