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Essay example - International Tourism

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Brazil is a country which possesses numerous tourist attractions and its tourism industry has strong growth potential. It appears, however, that Brazil has not achieved the level of tourism that has the potential to garner, particularly from Western Europe and the United States…

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It appears that one of the primary reasons for Brazil's failure to experience higher levels of tourism due to its lack of an effective marketing campaign. According to EMBRATUR - Empresa Brasileira de Turismo, Brazilian National Tourism Board, (cited in Weaver, 2005), for many decades, the Brazilian tourism industry assumed that the natural attributes of the country - great biodiversity; contrasting ecosystems, sports activities, and tourist attractions - would attract, inherently, tourists without additional need for marketing. However, eight years ago, the government of Brazil realised that it needed to be more active in its campaign for tourists and, hence, started planning, shaping and investing more resources in the tourism industry. The investiture of additional resources in the Brazilian tourism industry has significantly expanded it, generating 5 million new jobs between 1996 to 2002 (Weaver, 2005). ...
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