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Bribery, Corruption and Social Responsibility

(Business for Social Responsibility)
With this background this paper attempts to make a report suggesting the possible course of action for the executive of the company BIM taking into account the broader issues of the company's ethical policies, its social responsibility and the so called social evils of bribery and corruption,
Job and wealth creation in society is the primary objective of businesses. According to Canada's business and consumer website the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to position the companies to both proactively manage risks and take advantage of opportunities especially with respect to their corporate reputation and broad engagement of stakeholders. The stakeholders group includes shareholders, employees, customers, communities, suppliers, governments, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and others affected by the companies' activities. ...
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Corruption has always have been viewed as a disincentive to trade and investment. The development of the culture of payment of bribe is detrimental to the economic growth of any nation. This is the reason that major exporting countries have made stringent legislations with a view to prevent international corruption and in that way they can ensure a level playing field for the different nations and companies in the arena of international trade…
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