International Marketing Master Essay

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Marketing can be defined as a process of ensuring products and goods are well promoted so as the targeted consumers can be able to buy. The marketing strategy uses the four P's. They are: price, product or service, promotion and place (Brassington, 2000, pp.


For example a country like India is considered as a developing country as it has not attained a stable market structure while the United Kingdom is a developed country. For such reasons, both categories of countries need special ways to market goods both locally and internationally. To understand the differences in marketing it is important to study the three broad categories like political and economic systems, market infrastructure and consumer behaviour.
Under this category one can identify the modes of production, purchasing and selling as they are related to the laws, government and customs of a particular entity. This means that the political and economical system of a country highly affects the marketing strategies not only locally but also internationally. This is so because there are set laws that each government of country puts up to regulate the production of goods and services of firms. Moreover, political stability is very important in the production and distribution of goods and services. Political stability ensures that a country is not experiencing wars thus the government can make better suggestions on how to develop the country. In addition, political stability increases assurance of companies to continue producing more this means that they will have to market for their goods as the economic status improves. ...
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