Diversity Management in Hospitality Management

Case Study
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Hilton Hotels Corporation is one of the largest and highly successful groups in the hospitality sector. It has maintained its reputation by managing thousands of hotels, resorts, and vacation services that are highly regarded.


Hilton has always taken care of this issue which plays an important role in the functioning of the whole company. Matters like productivity, quality, co ordination and unity need to be given high preference in big firms because the workforce is multinational, includes people of different religions and castes. Even gender discrimination must be eradicated to achieve optimum performance of the company.
At Hilton, the steps taken to manage their diverse workforce are commendable. Keeping in mind the sentiments, practices and beliefs of their people, all their policies and plans are accepted by its employees. In all sectors of the group be it promotion of brands, relationship with other organizations, all are under the principles made by the company. Though, in some regions of the world, managing diversity is tough, still Hilton has worked hard to maintain its policies. In the following scripts we will be discussing how Hilton manages diversity management.
As suggested by Hofstede, culture is more often a source of divergence than of synergy, and cultural disparities can be both nuisance and disaster simultaneously (Hofstede, 2001). Hilton has a massive workforce that includes minorities and women. ...
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