Human Resource Management in NatWest

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National Westminster Bank Plc, or NatWest, is one of the biggest financial groups in the UK. NatWest has a huge network of almost 1,600 branch offices throughout Great Britain. It offers 24-hour online banking services along with around 7.5 million customers (


Motivation theories such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Herzberg's dichotomy of hygiene factors and motivating factors, McGregor's theory 'X' and theory 'Y' people, Edgar Schein's assumptions based approach, Tailor's scientific management approach, Elton Mayo's theory, Adams equity theory and Vroom's expectancy theory have been in used for long time. These models propose circumstances under which employees will be internally motivated to do their tasks effectively according to Hackman and Oldham (1976). However practical situations in the organizational setting can be an admixture of some or all of these theories. There was a time when employees were assumed as only another input into the process of manufacturing of goods and services. According to Lindner (1998) what probably changed this notion was research, known as the Hawthorne Studies, performed by Elton Mayo in between 1924 to 1932.
Maslow (1998) used a pyramidal hierarchical structure to depict the needs of employees at the work place. According to him self-actualization occupies the top-most rung in the hierarchy of needs. Secondly self-esteem needs come as of importance. Thirdly needs of love and affection come and fourthly safety related needs are of importance to the employee. ...
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