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Performance Related Production - Essay Example

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Of late, benchmarking has become an approach to optimise production processes by comparing certain aspects of a company with its competitors. However, one of the biggest challenges is not just gathering or statistically evaluating these data, but to derive a concrete measure to interpret the results (Denkena, B; Apitz, R; Liedtke, C, 2006)

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Performance Related Production

In order to accentuate production through employee performance, a company's management needs to develop a strong belief and determination among the leadership and worker-class, to accelerate progressive changes and create a difference. Only those with exceptional influence can change the way an organisation runs. Management must consider the criticality of a visible and active role taken by them to integrate policies of diversity and inclusion into every aspect of an organisation's operation and culture.
Culture affects every employee of the organisation, whether it is a man or woman. It's imperative that any policy decision reach all concerned in the organisation; every individual of the organisation must feel a part of the scheme of things, for the welfare of the organisation.
A healthy work environment goes a long way in instigating quality work. At the workplace, it is imperative for the management to introduce an increased and effective mode of cooperation between the men and women workers. One way of looking at it is by creating a better awareness of gender differences, building different leadership styles and flexible work/career patterns. ...
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