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Personal Journal: Organisational Behaviour

These four subjects are motivation, leadership, conflict management, and teamwork. I will now describe each of these four areas in turn by showing what I have learned, how I have applied what I have learned to real situations, and how the insight gained has influenced how I will manage employees.
One of the important topics covered in the course was motivation. Motivation has been described saying, "Motivation refers to the forces either within or external to a person that arouse enthusiasm and persistence to pursue a certain course of action" (Daft, 1997, p. 526). As a manager, an important part of my duties will be to ensure that employees are motivated. For this reason, I have considering how motivation applies within the organisation so that I can gain insight into methods I can use to motivate employees.
The organisational behaviour approach to motivation includes considering how the organisation impacts on the motivation of employees and how employees can be motivated. This includes recognising that the characteristics that result in a person being motivated are not often simple or obvious. An approach to the issue that does not look at the behavioural aspects but only looks at the problem on the surface may see employees as being rewarded financially and assume that they should be motivated by this financial reward. ...
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In studying organisational behaviour, a range of subjects have been covered. For all of these subjects, I have been able to apply the theory to issues and situations occurring within the organisation. This has allowed me to gain insight into the behaviour of employees…
Author : cyrusrutherford

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