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Electric Office Stapler

In the event that paper sheets are put into the stapling machine, a trigger will set the solenoid on which in turn will pull the hammer (soft iron core) due to induced magnetism. As the hammer moves down it will strike the staplers on the steel stapler slide and force then down and through the papers where they will be bent by the lower surface to hold the papers together. The hammer is then pulled back by the return spring to await the nextiu trigger. ...
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The electric stapler utilizes electrical energy to staple the papers together. This way the user won't have to use energy stapling papers. This is an advantage to disabled people as well as busy people who would like to save time.
The gadget is just being introduced into the market and is proving to be useful hence we will look at the current market prices of this gadget and then how it can be improved to reduce the cost to more affordable price thus enabling more people to get it.
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