Service Marketing

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Marketing of services is quite a distinct process from marketing of tangible goods due to peculiar characteristics of services. Philip Kotler (in Gronroos, 1990) credits Lynn Shostack's 1977 path breaking article Breaking Free From Product Marketing with "altering the course of our thinking about Services Marketing".


(Zeithaml & Bitner, 2004; Daly, 2004). The Classification of industries or businesses facilitate some generalizations about appropriate marketing strategies for each classified group. The service sector has multiple varieties of businesses ranging from airlines, telecommunications to professional services to even one person businesses such as body masseurs. This multiplicity makes categorizations of services more tedious than physical goods (Samiee, 1999). Lovelock and Yip (1996) classified services into various groups. One important grouping was - People Processing Services: These services necessitate the customer's presence while the service is being provided. Most of such services are aimed or applied to people and so their presence is essential. In order to buy, use and appreciate these services customers must be ready to spend time, co-operating with the service operation (Lovelock, Vandermerwe & Lewis, 1996). Typical examples of such services are medical services, passenger transport, hotels, fitness centers and beauticians. It is the marketing of these services which is radically different from marketing of physical products. The focus of this paper is the marketing efforts of one such service viz.Hotel services. ...
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