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The food retail market has witnessed several changes in the form of joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers to become one of the strongest retail markets across the globe. With globalisation, some of the leading companies of this industry like Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, Kroger and Metro have forayed into new international markets which have helped them to strengthen their competitive edge in the market.


To become market leaders, Walmart, Carrefour and Tesco have adopted several innovation strategies which have ultimately helped them to become global leaders. Walmart's growth under the leadership of Lee Scoot needs special mention as the company has made significant breakthroughs after he became the company's CEO in 2000.
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Carrefour has grown to become one of the global food retail giants by expanding both domestically and internationally. It started off by entering into joint ventures with the local companies. The company was the first to introduce the concept of hypermarkets and its first international foray was marked by setting hypermarkets in Brazil in the year 1975. (Holtreman A, n.d). Carrefour and Promodes merged forces in 1999 to form the largest food retailer within Europe. ...
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