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Assignment example - Physical Resource Operations

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Determine funding allocations and assets that are available for the department the purchase is to be proposed too by consulting with management team and discussing limitations of the proposed budget as well as liabilities that the purchase may create to ensure that there is a balance between assets, goals and liabilities…

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It is held in utmost importance to determine, describe and present the physical characteristics of purchase and the way in which the proposal will assist the facility's goals and the departments that will be involved in the purchase. This will ensure that there is not a difference in purchase traits compared to the needs of the business.
It is especially important to determine what resources are necessary to utilize the purchase as well as determine any rudimentary costs that will be involved to determine the full cost of the purchase, state these regarding the short and long term costs and the effective outcomes. It is also important in the purchase proposal to determine the long and short term values of the purchase and the holistic effect on the facility by discussing with financial and marketing managers to ensure that it is within the resource budget and determine if any liability will be caused and if that liability can be afforded, but also ensure that it is within business and marketing strategy. Furthering on the discussion with marketing and financial officers, evaluate relationship of purchase to business goals and plans to determine if purchase will enhance or hinder the profitability of the hotel, and if said purchase is feasible within the budget limitations.
Define choice of supplier from a minimum of two ...
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