The Developing Manager

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Likert hs suggested four systems of mngement. Two of them re described in bellow: 'Exploitive -- uthorittive': these mngers re highly utocrtic, hve little trust in subordintes, motivte people through fer nd punishment with occsionl rewrds, engge in downwrd communiction nd limit decision-mking to the top.


My orgniztion pplies neither of in-bove described styles. It is rther something in the middle of exploitive - uthorittive nd prticiptive-group which cn be referred to s consulttive. Mngers within my orgniztion hve substntil but not complete confidence nd trust in subordintes, usully try to mke use of subordintes' ides nd opinions, use rewrds for motivtion with occsionl punishment nd some prticiption, engge in communiction flow both down nd up, mke brod policy nd generl decisions t the top while llowing specific decisions to be mde t lower levels nd ct consulttively in other wys.
Communiction is the process of sending nd receiving informtion or communiction with nother person. In simplistic form, informtion is sent from sender or encoder to receiver or decoder. In more complex form feedbck links sender to receiver. This requires symbolic ctivity, sometimes vi lnguge. Communiction development is the development of processes enbling one to understnd wht others sy (or sign, or write) nd spek(or sign, or write), trnslte sounds nd symbols into mening nd lern the syntx of the lnguge. Communiction is bsed on the ide of respect, promises nd the wnt for socil improvement.
Nonverbl communiction dels wit ...
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