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Candidate Brief Assessment Exercise

Also here a great role Browns Plc plays, which gives an opportunity to realize production in the US market.
Concerning technology drivers the most well provided is definitely Pillchem Plc. Its IT Strategy and network shows the most advantageous correlation of price and quality that results in debagged wok of all the technologies, which leads to the reduction in the time to implement any new application or system. Also its company-wide integrated Internet and email service allow the exploitation of the Internet for selling, PR and internal/ external communication. But there are several factors, which should be taken from other companies: piecemeal strategy as in Zoros Plc is rather good to seamlessly integrating with suppliers and customers; and holding the copyright to a particular drug manufacturing process as in Browns Ltd can lead to opening up new global markets and selling through new channels.
If Pillchem Plc's acquisition starts with Zoros Plc and Browns Plc the newly broadened great Company will have all the needed factors to prosper and expand taking the leading role in the World Pharmaceutical Market. ...
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To my mind first and the most important driver that would impact and influence the future direction that Capgemini may advise Pillchem in terms of their IT Strategy is control and management of the three companies as a single global entity. I consider this factor to be the most important because it contains in itself almost all the technology and business drivers that will lead to Pillchem Plc's prosperity.
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