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Risk Management

But attention must also be paid to the risks.
EHR are used by may different types of healthcare delivery systems, from hospitals to private practice. By definition, "To be defined as an Electronic Health Record, an electronic approach to collecting storing and manipulating data must be able to accomplish: collection of patient health information and data, results management, order entry management, and decision support" (Health, 2007). Although this system often makes dealing with patient records more orderly and efficient, some have raised concerns over how the process of keeping these electronic records relates to issues of patient confidentiality and privacy. Because there is so much more access to the information electronically, there is also more possibility that the information will wind up in the wrong hands.
In many ways, this is an ethical issue that comes down to the individual using the EHR system. This comes from the perspective that a universal ethics is possible and also that it must be based on choice. This pattern of choice must start with the individual; there cannot be a group ethic that is in agreement without individual ethics. ...
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Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a dynamic development in healthcare that is causing a lot of debate. The California Department of Managed Health Care as well as the rest of the HMOs are watching as Kaiser Permanente deploys the largest EHR system in the nation, deployed at facilities across the nation…
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