ross-cultural gender differences in the uk and japanese business (a case study of british airways and toyota)

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In terms of accelerating globalization cross-cultural differences in business are becoming increasingly important for research analyses. Also globalization seem to have unify organizational cultures and align the cultural differences overseas, complete convergence in business practices is still far from completion.


Citizens of Central and Eastern Europe are skeptical to corporate values and are prejudiced to their business partners having been propagated and brainwashed in times of communism. The fatalism of Muslim religion often restrains Arabs from worldly plans and priorities. In the Asia-Pacific region the business is characterized by oriental calmness, moderation and tendency to the harmony. Western culture focuses on clear decision making, transparent relationships with partners and respect to contracts and deadlines.
Even a cursory glance on the issue prompts existence of dramatic differences in business environment in cross-cultural perspective. However, one of the most illustrative markers of differences in cross-cultural business is gender-related aspects. The roles of men and women in are obviously the brightest indicators of business culture and their national differences. While the role of women in some countries seems to be equal with this of the men (North America, Europe and especially Scandinavia), in some other states women are still often discriminated minorities in business (Muslim states and Oriental countries).
Assessment of cross-cultural gender differences in business environment is extremely important due to a number of practical reasons. ...
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