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Comprehensive Study Project

Consequently, a wealth of literature exists on the benefits and risks of improving sustainability, and the decisive responsibility of facilities management to influence balance between ecological preservation, social equity and contributing positively to the economy. But because facilities management is an expansive interrelation of phases from construction into dilapidation, opportunities of sustainability are plenty.
Benefits of sustainable facilities management present in reduced water consumption, energy use and fewer emissions that contribute to climate change. Optimization of resource consumption and increased value opens the plethora of social, ecological, and financial benefits. The application of sustainability in buildings enhances in value by 8-10 times the operational savings as presented in the journals of Cooper (2002),
: A management tool for occupant fit out "comprises of core components to define the aims and objectives for the research paper of Technology, Engineering and the Environment. The terms of reference for analyzing the relationship between Sustainability and Facilities management for Occupant fit out:
This research focuses on critical success factors and its effectiveness on the facilities management of the organizations. Deductive approach assists in designing the research framework based on literature review and existing theory to derive a conclusion.
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Abstract. This paper is focused strictly on a dynamic segment of facilities management, the occupant fit out. Having that a successful performance is associated with the behaviour of facility occupants; lapses in the transfer of knowledge during premises handover can compromise efficiency…
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