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Making investment decisions are one of the most critical decisions that organizations have to undertake in order to achieve the requisite growth. As such the focus is always on making investments into projects that provide the required returns and add more value for the shareholders of the firm.


Some of the risks that are unique for such firms include foreign exchange risk, political risk as well as the unique market risk. This is significant due to the fact that Mineral Plc is an international firm having a diverse range of activities across the different countries. This therefore increases the overall risk profile of the firm and projects that it undertake in foreign locations.
This report will provide an analysis of the proposed investment that is to be made in the Medco Republic. This report is significant due to the fact that there are multiple views within the firm that ask for a different strategy to invest into a country which is war torn and companies are facing significant corporate social responsibility issues. This report will therefore perform the net present value analysis as well as other investment appraisal techniques besides discussing the corporate social responsibility issues that may be faced by the firm while making new investment into the country.
This report will be effectively divided into two sections i.e. first section will be discussing the different findings that are being made after performing the analysis whereas the second section of the report will discuss corporate social responsibility along with a discussion on the different risks of investing into a foreign country.
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