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Assignment example - Social Networking Product

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This paper includes a brief description of as our case study and the project proposal that would be based on four main sections. 1- Gap Analysis on "Target Customers" and "Market Forecast". 2-Product Concept (Marketing Mix) 3-Business Analysis (Market Forecast, Development Stage Plan, Key resources at each stage) 4-Product Development Plan (Timescale and Stages, Test plan, Launch plan)

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However, there are some critics regarding child safety and social and cultural issues which require more attention and modification in the corporate policy.
The aim of this section would be to help marketing managers at to make their decisions based on marketing strategies and tactics. The main issues to have the Gap Analysis on are "Target Customers" and "Market Forecasts".
MySpace is presently known as the world's sixth most popular English-language website and also the third popular website in the United States. Therefore it is needed to have a comparison between the first goals of MySpace comparing the current target customers. We need to know who uses MySpace now and who makes a benefit of it. Gap Analysis helps us to do this comparison and close the gaps using tactical approaches.
MySpace influences the market too. People join this web site for free and they can get a personalized website for themselves trying to promote their products to millions of people whit out paying money to rent a domain or to pay a lot of cash to build a website. ...
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