Internet Banking Book Report/Review

Book Report/Review
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With respect to Norman's (1999) essay on use of the term affordance in human-computer interaction, this report affirms the importance of this powerful concept, reinforcing Norman's distinctions of terminology, and expanding on the usefulness of the concepts in terms of their application to interaction design and affordance of internet-banking.


We argue that the concept of affordance (both perceived and real) carries a mandatory component of utility or purposeful action that influence the usability of online banking services particularly in the UK. Finally, we provide the influential guidelines on design and affordance in the growth of online banking services based on how these three kinds of affordances work together naturally in contextualized internet-banking design or evaluation.
The objective of this research is to conduct a critical review of the literature in the field of design and affordance of the Internet banking sites. Part of this investigation is to evaluate the effects of computer self-efficacy on user's acceptance of Internet banking using TAM (Technology Acceptance Model) as a theoretical framework. The factors that commonly influence customer's decisions to utilize Internet banking are also critically examined. Finally, an analysis is also carried out to understand the issues affecting the customer's usage of internet-banking particularly in the UK.
The relevant part of what any dictionary says about to afford is that it means to yield, to give, or to furnish. ...
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