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Environmental Management

We all know facts: and many of us even try to struggle for our goals, to "make this world a better place", as my beloved idol Michael Jackson used to sing.
We receive daily newsletters from various organisations that are - or pretend to be - actively involved in fixing the environmental issues generated by their activities, and often, these organisations even create media campaigns destined to show that they are keenly interested in combating pollution. They claim that they doing their best. They often support these claims by issuing statements, figures, tables, calculations and press releases. They have hired experts especially trained to show an immaculate image, and often they prefer to invest massive sums in huge advertising campaigns, instead of investing in research destined to develop proper solutions for the preservation of our heritage: the natural resources and the balance of the environment.
A huge step ahead was made by authorities when they started introducing environmental management standards and regulations - created as objective rules that keep pollution under control. Moreover, we have to notice that authorities tend to be stricter than ever before regarding the eco standards imposed to companies. ...
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Nowadays, people seem to be more environment-aware than ever before. We all know that natural resources are limited, that we should preserve virgin forests, so that they would continue to grant us the necessary oxygen, that we should prevent the pollution of river and marine water, and that we should take care of the extinction of endangered species…
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