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Critical Review Question 1 (a): In this specific situation the manager at the executive meeting tries to implement the quality teams in the factory and the most acceptable method of exploratory research for the situation is a qualitative survey to assess the role of such a team in improving the quality of the company's undertakings.


It is important to employ the most suitable method of qualitative research in determining the viability and effectiveness of such quality teams.
Critical Review Question 1 (b): Here, the bank loan officer who wants to forecast the economy of the state in which the bank operates needs to outline a research design which helps him find the exact data and analyze them to arrive at a conclusion. A quantitative research method is most effective in such situations.
Critical Review Question 1 (c): It is important to employ a qualitative research method in order to respond to the product manager's suggestion that a non-tobacco cigarette which is blended from wheat, cocoa and citrus needs to be developed. It is only through the employment of such a qualitative research method that one can determine the viability and success of a non-tobacco cigarette.
Critical Review Question 1 (d): In a scenario where the research project needs to identify the issues of concern to labor union, a mixed research method is most recommended where qualitative research method and quantitative research method are blended.
Critical Review Question 2: The utility of case studies in social researches is manifold and the social scientists use different terms such as 'N of cases', 'case study', and 'sample of cases' to refer to this. ...
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