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The internet has revolutionized the use and abuse of information and communication technology (ICT) in almost every sphere of commercial and non commercial activity. Thus ICT has acquired a significant dimension in the coordination efforts of companies in their global operations and it is increasingly becoming the world's most important determinant of commercial and trade related issues and actions.


The changing internet related environment at overseas branches and operations of banks has such a big impact on the online banking related decision making process.
While multinational companies (MNCs) such as banks have been making use of internet banking as the main investment related strategic policy alternative, smaller banks too have been making use of it in order to achieve positive synergies over the internet (Durkin, and Howcroft, 2003). However while the former have being able to increase their net investment expenditure on internet banking on a larger scale, the latter have only been able to increase such investment on a smaller scale. As a result a clear dichotomy between the two entities can be noticed. Big business organizations including some international banks have adopted growth oriented communication policy measures primarily with the intention of enhancing growth drivers such as merger and acquisition (M&A) related synergies while smaller banks have basically relied on capturing niche markets.
Online banking related benefits have come to be identified with positive organizational outcomes as well. ...
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