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The Primary Research was carried out as a part of a Dissertation Study on the Management Styles of Gate Gourmet (GG), the official caterers of British Airways, before and after the eruption and settlement of an industrial dispute in the year 2005. The aim of the study is:


This number came to 45 and questionnaires were distributed to 45 employees of GG while they were coming out after completing their shifts. This was considered necessary to achieve the objectives of the study outlined above.
The first question related to the overall working conditions prevailing in GG since the settlement of the dispute in 2005. Out of the 23 male employees surveyed 8 of them agreed that the working conditions are satisfying. While 10 of them took a neutral stand 5 of the employees mostly disagreed with the statement that the conditions are satisfactory. A graphical representation of the replies is appended below:
The same question was answered by 22 female employees. Of he female employees surveyed 2 of them were appeared to be satisfied with the working conditions at GG. 12 of them took a neutral stand whereas 8 of them mostly disagreed with the statement.
For the satisfaction about the overall working conditions, out of the total sample of 45 employees, none of them agreed that they were satisfied with the working conditions. Out of the balance, 10 of them mostly agreed and 22 of the employees neither agreed nor disagreed that the working conditions were satisfactory. While 10 of them mostly disagreed 3 of them totally were not satisfied with the prevailing working conditions. The graphical representation is as below:
Here the employ ...
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