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Systems Development Life Cycle

The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is also known as Information Systems Development or Application Development.
Software concept, as the first step, is to identify the need for a new system. It consists of investigative study on whether a business impediment or opportunity exists; carry out a feasibility study to distinguish the cost effectiveness of the solution proposed.
The method may employ IT professionals alone or confer with end-users who have the idea to enhance their work. The concept must go along with the organizations strategic plan to ensure compatibility with the overall strategic objectives of the company and must meet management expectations before any budget is allocated for its development.
After doing the analysis and requirements fully identified, The IT personnel will perform architectural design and write the applicable specifications for hardware, software, people and data resources. The design must be submitted to the end-users for review to ensure that the design meets their need. The design will act as a blueprint of the new system that would help to identify and rectify flaws before building the final system. Assessed and conforming to the specified requirements, the IT personnel can now start building the final system.
If the management decision is to purchase commercial software rather than developing a new customized application, the system d ...
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Note: Hope you find all your requirements in the paper. It is now 2, 908 words, excluding diagrams. I've tried my best to clearly present it to you. RAD is not included in the 4 models you mention but I took the freedom of including it because as an IT Professional, I do believe that it is necessary…
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