Network Trend II - Report on Japan

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To Japanese people information is a resource, after realizing that it was not endowed with Agricultural productivity policy makers in Japan decided to adjust their strategy in order to cater for food shortage crisis (Arlington, 2002. pp 38). As a result Japanese people put their emphatic efforts in what they are good at: commercialization.


pp 58). With passage of time Japan endowed unwavering focus has been able to achieve this dream through nation based programs. Japan tailors its own employees during their college and schooling ways so that the curriculum they pursue is relevant to the job market so that some of the skills taught during schooling don't go to waste.
Japanese people capitalize on specializing in the area of labor which comes with multiple advantages such as:-minimizing time wastage which results to more efficiency and productivity (Arlington, 2002. pp 66). As a result there is duty simplification as employees become more and more effective due to exposure and repetition of the same task. Concentration on one recurring task equips workers with expertise in their little time is spent moving between tasks so overall time wasted is reduced. The overall goal attained is quality productivity (Arlington, 2002. pp 72).
Japan brings forth motivated hardworking labor force, in the working culture of Japan employees are given many incentives in order to stick to one job. ...
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