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Within my newly appointed role of Business Assurance and Quality Manger within the Transformation Directorate of National Grid, I have assessed the current human resource programs of National Grid. I have identified three key problem areas that are prioritized in this paper…


The next area assessed is the constant organizational changes. National Grid must be able to change, adjust, innovate, grow and adapt in order to survive. However, they must focus on the human issues because change produces fear, uncertainty, and doubt (Pietersen, 2002). Obtaining employee commitment is an important factor in achieving change (Herscovitch & Meyer, 2002). The final problem area assessed will be the cultural and diversity issues of National Grid.
For the past several years, globalization, deregulation, and technical advances have enormously increased the degree of competitiveness that most organizations face today. In order to survive, organizations must be better, faster, and more competitive. Organizations need committed employees to achieve this competitiveness (Dessler, 2000). In order to achieve this goal, human resource management must be a strategic part of any organization.
I have undertaken a qualitative investigation of National Grid. I have through a detail questionnaire conducted research to assess the current level of employee satisfaction working for the organization. This paper is my assessment of that satisfaction and I make recommendations for its improvement. I have identified three key problem areas from my primary research that I have undertaken which I will analyze.
After a review of the literature concerning these three problem areas, I will address these three primary issues and explain ...
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