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Managing people in international setting s requires human resource to address a broader range of functional areas. If requires more involvement in the employee's personal life. The firm should establish different human resource management systems for different geographic locations…


Culture is the mix of behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, symbols, and artifacts that are conveyed to people throughout an organization over time. Culture may include a belief about desired employee conduct. Keep communication channels open. Because an organization requires the cooperation of its members for survival, managers should encourage employee communication of its members for survival, managers should encourage employee communication. Committees, conferences and networks can all lay an important role in effective communication in organizations (Yvonne, 2000, p- 119).
"A socially inherited body of sanctions and directives which define (he 'proper' and 'improper' ways of behavior" could help to highlight on one hand the complex environment to which one has to adjust; on the other, being assimilated by the individual, it functions part of the super-ego and conditions his tendency to autonomy." (Yvonne, 2000, p- 87)
The important global pressures impacting International business practices in MNCs have grown in number, variety and complexity in recent times- thanks to the changes in information technology, dismantling of tariffs, differentiated labor laws, cultural and language barriers, bargaining practices etc. ...
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