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Assignment example - Coffee Shop

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The greatest aim of this coffee shop business is to provide the highest possible excellence in customer handling. It is for this reason that I as the proprietor of the future coffee shop have decided to prepare this customer care plan that will also act as a guide for the operations undertaken within the business premises and all its transactions…

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These include principles of impartiality when serving customers of all calibres; fairness in dealing transactions; avoidance of impartiality in all the undertakings; and serving the customers openly.
To ensure best practice in handling customers, I came up with various values from which the future staff will be expected to draw at all times. The overall business will believe in offering quality services in an environment of sensitivity while at the same time treating our future customers as equals no matter the differences in any aspect of life. We will be driven by sensitivity for the needs of the customers hence allow a great space for flexibility meaning that we will display courtesy, impartiality, timeliness and promptness in our customer service.
The Hawaiian coffee shop will be a corporate entity that will utilize a chain of eateries selling ready to eat foods. The eateries will range from medium sized hotels to fast foods mini-outlets that will be based in the towns of the United States. The stores will adopt a very rich variety of cuisines in preparing their meals hence cater for varied groups of customers. They will offer fast foods and eat-in services depending on the choice of the customers. ...
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